Natural High Spaces 2018

All of the festival areas are different and radiate beauty all around. The spaces have been created to support the experience of love and the different elements in us and our environment. We will decorate all areas with devotion and with a big heart.

The workshops vary and you are advised to pick the one that suits you the most in each moment. Remember to respect yourself and to listen to your body and your limits. Don’t forget to hydrate and also to rest.

It is not worth it to become disturbed by the soundscape. We are at a festival and the sounds may mix. Occasionally we are at a real life meditation practice, practising to block out sounds and to concentrate within.

The deepest idea of the Natural High Healing Festival is to create a space where each and every one of us can express and be ourselves, in compassion and acceptance of our full humanity. Natural High Healing Festival brings people together in unity, and to a space, where everyone matters and is loved just as we are at that moment in time.

See you at the festival of love!

If there are any questions – See FAQ, where you can find answers to frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer, please contact and we will reply as soon as possible.

main stage at natural high festival

Happy Mainstage

The energetic and happy mainstage. For music in the evenings. The venue for Opening and Closing Ceremonies and Connection Circle to bring people together. The space for workshops during daytime, and in the evenings we gather here to listen to beautiful music. The area is heated! Nevertheless it’s good to bring your own seat cushion and a blanket to wrap yourself in. Let’s spend the nights together.

main stage at natural high festival

Heart Space

An atmospheric and intimate, pink coloured 300m2 space in the attic of an old stable. During the daytime the space is filled with heartfelt workshops and in the evenings you get the chance to enjoy heart-opening concerts. Dive in, surrender and enjoy.

white mandala at natural high festival

White Mandala Room

The neighbors’ old stone barn has gotten a new look, and a big windowed wall opens up to a spectacular field and forest view. On the bottom floor is where the artists are accommodated and the top floor serves as a place of tranquility – decorated with white mandalas. In the over 300m2 large spacethere will be calm workshops, and at night relaxing sound therapy and cuddle parties.

green power at natural high festival

Green Power

A decorated workshop space with floor and roof, on a green grass field. During lunchtime the space functions as a magician’s stage, a stage for music and a general space for many inspiring workshops. Feel the Green Power!

share and play at natural high healing festival

Share and Play

A playful outdoors shelter in the middle of the festival area with a soft carpet and a colorful spirit. Play and be wild, dance and sing. In this space we’ll listen to lunchtime music. Grab yourself some food and tune into the midday concert. Enjoy the bubbles of the  jacuzzi in the evenings and during the breaks.

beach party lounge at natural high healing  festival

Beach Party Lounge

NEW! Oh! Beach Party Lounge is BACK!! Let’s get party started at the beach of the bond! Sun & party & beautiful people at the beach. What more can we wish for.

ecstatic dancing at natural high healing festival finland

Dance Temple

NEW! Dance like never before. This place will make you move, to forget yourself and dive into magical world of movements.


Sacred Mind

NEW!  Learn something new, lecture space with good spirit. Open your mind to learn. Mind can be sacred too. And it’s part of our journey to learn, to know, to realize.

fire chill at finland festival

Fire Chill

This red fiery space will get you to relax and ignite. Grab your friends under your arm and chillout in a cuddle puddle. At night the pots will have fires and people gather around in the warmth. Right next to the Mainstage.

In this space there are no workshops, it is dedicated to hanging out.

kids corner at natural high healing  festival

Kids’ Corner

An inspiring space just for kids to play to connect and enjoy. 

MORE INFO COMING SOON about all the details and childcare schedule.

poetry path

Poetry Path

Poetry Path takes you on a journey through poems. Enjoy, feel and open up. Starts at the Beach Party Lounge.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Silence Zone &
Meditation Hut

Have some alone time and wander into the forest. Enjoy the silence and your senses. Read poems on the way and end up in the meditation hut. Breathe together with the forest and let the silence speak. Silence Zone is true to its name, thank you for the silence.


First Aid Angels &
Emotional Support

Whether it’s a tiny cut or heartache, you can turn to the first aid angels for support. This is a space where you can rest, share your worries and get professional help for various troubles. First aid takes care of you. Remember to also take care of yourself.

you are free powerful and lovable

Festival Sauna

There is another sauna, the Festival Sauna, inside of the festival area. SAUNA BRACELET (15€) gives access to Pond Sauna, located close to the pond. The pond is a spring, full of fresh water. Please do not use soap!
This year there will be more showers. You can wash yourself for free at Secret Beach. To get access to the showers located at the Festival Sauna you need the Sauna bracelet (15€).

secret beach

Secret Beach Sauna,
Pond Sauna & Showers

There are two Saunas in the area. Follow the signs along 1.3km of stunning forest roads to Secret Beach Sauna. Go for a swim in the lake and enjoy the soft steam (löyly) from the water thrown on the hot rocks. FOLLOW THE SAUNA SHIFTS on the schedule!! Secret Beach Sauna by the lake is included in the price of the festival ticket.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Farm Animals

Nopperla Farm now has some domesticated animals. Along with the sheep, chickens, some highland cattle living in the woods, there are also the new arrivals of buffalos and ostriches.

Caution! The buffalo and highland cattle’s fences have electricity.

silence zone at natural high healing  festival

Art Barn

Art Barn brings your creativity alive! Several gifted artists bring their work for display in this space. Open up to beauty and emotional experiences. At its best, art gets you to bloom! We’ll also have live painting going on which – watch artists absorbed in their craft and learn something new!

love rocks at natural high healing  festival

Love Rocks

Take it easy on the Love Rocks for a moment, cuddle in peace, go for a swim… Give yourself some space and own time to enjoy the summer day by a pond, perhaps a first date on the Love Rocks? 😉

Come join us this summer!