We are now looking for healers and body therapists to join us for 2019 Festival.

What special treatments that you can offer our festival goers for relaxation? What transformative treatment do you have for grounding the festival visitors, and to open up emotional locks? This years Natural High Healing Festival wants to offer versatile treatments and body therapy that promotes holistic health.

We want to enable a versatile supply of treatments and we favor especially physical treatment forms.

Individual caretakers must be experienced, able to bill as a company and have a website.

We have renewed the individual caretaker policy.

This year every individual caretaker will have their own tent on the treatment area and everything they need to successfully make their treatments. Please note that the treatments will be done at the festival area, where noises and sounds are included. You yourself create the tranquillity of the space by using your energy, decorations and peace.

Every caretaker will be featured on our website and our social media platforms. By doing so, every caretaker gets publicity and the festival audience will get a chance to familiarize themselves with the different treatments.

Write an informal application where you tell us about your treatment and yourself. Remember to mention your website’s name. Send the application to:

Caretakers will be chosen by the 22.4.2019 so please send your application as quickly as possible! After the 22.4.2019 we will not go through any new applications. The chosen caretakers for our festival will be notified on the 30.4.2019.

For festival goers:

How to book a treatment and how to pay for it?

Individual treatments are popular and bring much needed support for every festival goer so remember to book your treatment as quickly as possible.

The festival guest chooses his/her caretaker and books and pays for the treatment at the info desk. The payment will be made at the same time as the reservation. The customer gets a receipt where the time of the treatment will be written on, and by showing the receipt you’ll get the treatment you paid for. After that you just have to relax and enjoy.