Natural High Healing Festival in Finland

Natural High 2019

Adventure to the magic of love and an exploration into your own power!

Adventure to the magic of love and an exploration into your own power!

Open Your Heart

July 4-7th, 2019 • Uusikaupunki, Finland

Natural High Healing Festival was born out of pure love of bringing people together in the Finnish summer. Out of love for connection, the one we all long for in one way or another – connection to nature, creativity, the heart, light, and happiness. Natural High Healing Festival is a substance free event. As a festival of creativity, freedom and heart awareness we are not political or bound to any religion.

We are simply on a mission of Love.

natural high music festival


Soulful music to blow your mind!

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Be curious, try something new!



Enjoy individual treatments!


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Natural High Healing Festival
Natural High Healing Festival
💗Oh, yksi ihania viime kesän festariartistejamme oli Shimshai! 💗
Upea artisti, jonka laulujen sanat kutsuvat pysähtymään, kuuntelemaan ja avautumaan. ✨ Tässä posterissa ihana ote Shimshain "La Semilla" kappaleesta sinun perjantaihisi✨😍✨ Ollaan tässä ja nyt, läsnä ja sydämmiämme kuunnellen. 💗

💗Oh, one of the lovely artists of our last summer festival was Shimshai! 💗
Amazing and talented artist whose songs invite you to stop, listen and open up. ✨ Here is an inspiring quote from his song “La Semilla” to brighten your Friday. ✨😍✨ Lets be here and now, listening closely to our hearts. 💗

Summer of love & transformation is waiting for you!

Warm welcome!