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Jennika Jennika Salmela is an expert on women’s hormones and an empowerer. She offers women a journey back to their cyclical home – to connection with their own femininity. Jennika sees women as comprehensive, powerful and renewable wonders. She coaches, holds retreats, educates and talks about cyclic femininity and how you can support your menstrual cycle completely …

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Sonja Sonja has led meditations, drum journeys and done intuitive healing work for several years. She is a self taught creative artist, a channel of the healing voice and loves to work with people and especially women as an intuitive life coach. Her passion is to work with women who want to raise their unique voice, gifts …

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Sanni Sanni is a Master of Economics, suggestion therapist SHY, artist of light, popular trainer, writer and yoga and meditation instructor. Sanni holds Angel School and Goddess Yoga and other courses with the spirit world. She loves doing group remote healings, intuitive painting, teaching it and custom painting. Under Sanni Nevalainen’s relaxing and loving guide, it is …

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Martta Over the last couple of years, Martta has already inspired thousands of Finns into the mystical world of meditation. She is a pioneer in modern guided meditation, the creator of 8D-meditations™ and the founder of the 8D-meditation app. She is known for being a spokesperson of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and for organising …

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Petri Petri Berndtson is a philosopher who loves the wisdom of the breath. In his workshops and lectures that he has given since 2006, Petri combines experientially breathing, philosophy, spirituality and imagination in a totally new manner. Petri works as researcher at a Slovenian science centre and in his own company which offers, for example, courses on …

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Samuli Perälä Samuli Perälä, Instructor of Personal Spiritual growth & Healer. Samuli is a former professional athlete and coach who, after his sport career, has traveled a long journey in the path of spirituality and heart awareness. He has guided many people to find deeper connection to their own being on the soul level and through that the …

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James Cormier / Gopala has been a meditation teacher for over 25 years and has devoted his life to spirituality and society’s well being. He founded Frantsila Organic Herb Farm and Course centre with his wife Virpi 40 years ago. James is also an herbalist and agronomist. MEDITATION FOR JOY & HAPPINESS (YOGA MAT) [EN] This workshop …

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Helena Helena Karhu is a northkarelian teacher of shamanism. Helena aims to nurture the connection with nature and wisdom traditions. Helena is writing a PhD research on Finnish shamanism at University of Eastern Finland. The spirit of the Northern ancestors and nature invites her to tell about the northern nature, traditions, and to combine archaic methods and …