Alessandra Sarelin

Alessandra Sarelin is a herbalist, yoni steam practitioner and protector of sacred space. She’s a student of Embodied Mythology at the Women’s Wisdom School.
She’s the guardian of ovulation, menstruation and cyclical living. She loves to explain what’s going on with your hormones from both a biological perspective as well as from a more esoteric perspective.

Your Menstrual Cycle Has A Story – Children friendly

Deepen your understanding of the female body’s biology and physiology and learn the basics of biohacking your menstrual cycle. Your cycle should not feel like a punishment.

You get information that helps you to read you body in a new way. We’ll cover what a healthy, normal cycle looks like. You’ll learn that it’s ovulation, not menstruation, that is the key event in your cycle.

Descending Into the Pelvic Bowl – strong, yoga mat

We approach the mystery and biology of our menstrual bleeding through embodied practice. The fire energy in the ovaries, the earth energy in the womb, the water energy in the blood forms a creative power center. We descend into the pelvic bowl, listening to the story and song of the blood. We listen to the wombs of our foremothers, to the story of our linage.

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