Amira Zaghdoudi

Amira has been practicing yoga for a decade now, and took her first teacher training on yin yoga 6 years ago. A little later, in 2017 she got introduced to traditional tantric hatha yoga, and has been on the path of both studying and teaching ever since. She's passionate about meditation and emphasises the importance of self practice; encouraging her students to trust their inner teachers.



Are you ready to ride the dragon? Dragonflow is an intense sequence of deep hip openers calling us to explore that which keeps us feeling stuck, that which stands in between us and the highest, brightest and most authentic expression of ourselves. Meet your darkness, honor it, and grow over it.



What if, for a brief moment, you gave yourself permission to simply be? No obligations, no roles to play, nothing to do, nowhere to go. In today's fast-paced, external focused world, nothing is more urgent than space for rest and relaxation. This is the ultimate yin yoga practice; an invitation to drop from the state of doing and achieving into being and receiving. Yin + breathwork + yoga nidra.

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