Annica Hill & Ossi Kajas

For Annica and Ossi presence, love, sacred sexuality, body awareness, and exploration of their own shadows are cornerstones that are reflected in their inspiring courses. Curiosity, and love is present in their warm-hearted events. They are tantrics, life artists, and Tantric Life Coaches, and active in the International ISTA org. Spiritual development have been in their lives for over 20 years

Feminine and Masculine

Strong, yoga mat, not for children

In this workshop you will get to explore your feminine and masculine sides and shadows, lights and darknesses of them. There are both sides and opposites in everyone of us. When recognising and seeing these in yourself, you will get a chance to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationships.

Temple Night


Presence, touch and encountering in a safe environment. In this workshop you can test your limits individually and together. All the exercises are voluntary and done with respect to everyone’s limits. Only for those who have practised tantra before.

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