Anu Karoliina

I'm a yoga teacher, dreamer, mover & shaker. I'm born and raised in Finland, but seeking the sun has led me to live in Bali on several occasions. Bali is my spiritual home and the source for my studies and practices I offer. I want to guide you to a place where the practice arises from your whole being organically - where you can fully embody the true essence of YOU in movement and in stillness.



Yoga Pranala is an intuitive and gentle flow yoga practice originating from Bali. It combines the yoga practice with hand mudra series, that are stemming from Balinese healers tradition. It will help you to become familiar with your life force and guide it with awareness where ever you might need it, leading you always deeper into yourself. Come and experience the magic from the Island of Gods!



Step through the portal of fire and land into your abundant sweetness. This embodied yoga flow journey takes you to meet your inner goddesses - Strong Durga, ferocious Kali and abundant Lakshmi. Ignite your inner fire, let it burn away all the dross in your life and enter your sweet peace and abundance. In this workshop we move and use the voice. This workshop is for every Goddess in da house!

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