Ari Marjamäki

Ari Marjamäki (Teg Anand Singh) is an experienced kundalini yoga teacher and gong relaxation instructor who teaches traditional kundalini yoga with the power of his own daily practice and experience. Ari guides gently and calmly to share the millennia-old teachings of kundalini yoga.

Ari teaches kundalini yoga in the Tampere region and organizes various yoga & sauna events within Aquarian Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga Relaxation & Gong

Yoga mat, strong

Kundalini yoga is called the Yoga of Awareness. It is a powerful and dynamic form of yoga using all the various techniques.

We awaken the body and mind gently, releasing any tensions and blockages, with the goal of making the energy flow freely. You will become aware of your own strength and heart-healing energy. Gong relaxation completes the effects of the exercise before meditation.

Gong Relaxation

Yoga mat, strong

Long Gong relaxation according to the tradition of kundalini yoga. You can either relax or meditate on the deeply healing sound vibration of Gong.

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