Chintana & Raphaël

For almost 20 years Chintana Seppä has been giving internationally transformative dance events. As a Dance Alchemy practitioner and Bodywork therapist, she is sharing her joy for dance as the body’s natural way of healing.

Raphaël Pinel is a French harp player and composer. He creates beautiful heartfelt and inspiring music on the Celtic harp, ethnic flutes, drums and looper.

Dance Alchemy Celebration

A transformative dance workshop with live music where your heart can expand and embrace all that is. Through the heart’s presence, our emotions and energies can be danced and transformed. We re-discover our vitality and our original blossoming. Let yourself be danced freely inspired by Raphael’s harp, flutes, drums and looper. Celebrate the depth of the heart from stillness to ecstasy and joy.

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