David Lopez


David is a holistic fitness trainer from Spain with over 10 years of experience. David encourages people to face their own fears and insecurities with his own training program called "Awake Your Inner Warrior". Giving tools to overcome mental, physical and emotional barriers, which is the recipe to live a life worth living, full with meaning, purpose and love.



Your body and mind are interconnected, the way your body deals with a physical challenge is the same way your mind deals with your problems and difficulties in your life. Learning how to fight will give you the confidence you need to confront yourself to the deepest. Awake the warrior within you and take full responsibility of your own life from being a victim to your problems becoming a fighter

(You will learn all the basics fighting technique movement.
- The workout is going to be interactive divided in pairs.
- Everyone can participate from beginners to advance.
- The level of difficulty can be adjusted by each individual doing the movements slowly or faster.)



Our Inner power, our heart is the center of our emotions, it is our compass, it guides us towards a fulfilling life. By asking the right questions we can find our own inner answers. By learning how to listen to the heart, our heart will guide us towards a life worth living. A life of Meaning, Purpose & Love. (Find your life purpose by asking yourself the right questions. In this workshop I will give you different tools of how to access the power of your heart, through different exercises and specific questions.)

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