David Lopez


David is a certified personal trainer whose mission is to help people achieve their highest potential through the mind and body connection. David has been empowering people for more than 10 years. David is turning people into warriors through helping them with destroying the physical-mental barriers and limiting beliefs that hold them down.

Fight Fusion Workout

Yoga mat

My purpose with the Fight Fusion workshop will be teaching a martial art workout; Bringing it theoretically to the practice. I will also bring more awareness of how martial arts will be part of our near future. You will feel more open to yourself and to the world. Having a deep understanding of the importance of the soul body.


In order to feel our emotions we have to be willing to risk vulnerability. Emotions are energy and energy has to go somewhere. All this energy goes to each part of our body, affecting our physics making us the way are. I will give a full perspective on how to connect our emotional body with our mind. Conscious about the body and posture which is the ultimate key for good and healthy lifestyle.

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