Eero Peltonen

Eero Peltonen is a mythologist and poet. A spiral rotating in childhood sleep approaches him in the sky. That spiral is the source of Eero’s vitality. For Eero, life is a mythical journey. He is a thread in the ancient fabric of poetry, song, and myths created by his ancestors. It is interwoven with the mythical events of the early days and the wisdom that protects and sustains life under this heavenly roof.

The Journey of My Own Myth – lecture

Not for children

In the lecture ‘The Journey of My Own Myth’, we search for mythical information about the treasure chest of dreams and memories trapped in the mind and heart. We get to hear how mythical consciousness unifies us, and how childhood experiences are reflected throughout our lives. We also explore the milestones of life. In these times of search, our own mythical early days and sensitivities become activated and signify the path of the heart.

Poet Singing

Children friendly

In the Poet Singing workshop, we enchant with singing. We sing the poem quietly in rapture and find our own voice. We bring to life strong words, melodies and mythical stories. We let them ring and resonate in our body. We learn to stand on poetic legs like a big oak. We ascend to heights like a bird of prey. We make our way to the wings of poetry and song, to the beginning of time, to the origins of mythical knowledge.

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