Eeva Ojalehto

Life Coach. Nature Connector. Artist.
You can enjoy two workshops from Eeva during the festival. Discover the Power of Nature within You and a Journey Guided by the Soul – training.

Eeva has got natural strength and a tender presence. She is an inspiring and charismatic trainer. Eeva Ojalehto has guided various retreats and yoga courses all over Finland starting from 2012. Nature and meditation teaching are very important to her. Eeva also has individual customers and work communities. Eeva has travelled to Italy and Bali because of yoga. Spring 2022 she has Yoga and the beauty of life – yoga journey to lake Garda in Italy. Eeva is a meditation and yoga coach.

Discover The Power of Nature Within You

Children friendly

Get connectected with ancient elements of nature. When you are in connection with elements you get back to your natural balance. Mind gets still. You can hear your hearts whispers. Same time you can find that enormous elemental power which is in you. Wild lives in you.

A Journey Guided by The Soul

The greatest guru, seer, prophet and wise person is in you if you find.
A journey guided by the soul – training connects you to your own conscious.
Deep wisdom in you. Guided by the heart you find the way to your life and you will make clever decisions. Following the delicate messages from your heart acquires training and guidance helps and you will find ways to listen to the messages.

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