Elina Mikkola & Rubén Nagore


Elina and Rubén are artists and family constellation instructors with over 20 years of shared experience in guiding and supporting meaningful transformational processes. They are a bicultural couple, parents and life partners whose goal is to help people become fully aware of and free themselves from transgenerational traumas in order to head more freely towards their dreams.



In the Silent nation - family constellation workshop, we dive into the transgenerational traumas that have befallen our family: losses, war events, secrets, difficulties and challenges. With the help of systemic therapy and family constellation exercises, participants can become aware of and free themselves from those events in their family that still subconsciously affect them in their lives.



In this workshop we observe the impact of transgenerational trauma in our relationships through the family constellation method. Participants can become aware and acknowledge the root causes of their problems and free themselves from subconscious, transgenerational patterns that create or maintain challenges in their relationships to be able to experience love in a different way.



Welcome to get to know the family constellation method! You will learn the core concepts of systemic therapy, family constellations and transgenerational trauma. Through clear examples you will begin to understand the subconscious relationships between transgenerational trauma and the challenges in our lives and you will get concrete tools for change. The lecture ends with a guided meditation.

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