Henna Länsipää

www.hennalansipaa.com | www.facebook.com/naurujoogaohjaaja

Henna is a bubbly, inspiring and happy person who has a natural gift of creating a pleasant atmosphere! She is the visionary and the head of the Natural High Healing Festival. She is a wellness entrepreneur, coach, a certified Laughter yoga teacher and mother. She has a lot of experience in organizing and leading many retreats and workshops around the world.

Laughter Yoga


This is the funniest workshop! Laughter is an incredible effective wall breaker and liberator. It naturally boosts your feel good hormones and totally activates your body. In laughter yoga we use our joyfulness and shake our body into a happy state by laughing out loud. We giggle and relax together, and say goodbye to stress and fears. What a wonderful life this is if you give it a chance! Laughing together, there is no need to strive for anything and our respiratory system gets a proper exercise almost accidentally. Take your water bottle with you and see what on earth can make you laugh!

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