Ilkka Koppelomäki

llkka Koppelomäki is self-leadership coach and author of ”Saa mitä haluat / Create your own life” book series. Uskalla Innostua team, founded by Ilkka, has inspired thousands of Finns to develop themselves and their lives since 2007. Ilkka's mission is to help Finns become more self-confident and to encourage people to create their own lives.



Is there something you would like to change in your life? You will learn a simple yet powerful Saa mitä haluat -method, which will help you to make any changes in your life, fulfill any goals you desire and to clarify what you want to have in your life. This workshop is based on the best seller book series and coaching started in 2009. Thousands of Finns have used this method to create their own life.



Many of us celebrate our successes and accomplishments far too little. For contentment and a good life, it’s enriching to know how to acknowledge your own small and bigger accomplishments. At the Create Your Own Life Party we celebrate together all our past, present, and future successes.

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