Jacqueline Aylward


Jacqueline Aylward is a dance/yoga teacher and performing artist from Australia. She has trained in contemporary dance, classical ballet and sports acrobatics. She has also studied somatic pedagogy at ISLO and is a qualified yoga teacher. Her interests in dance and somatic practices are centered upon exploring and freeing the psycho-kintetic human material and her teaching reflects this.

Contact Improvisation

Children friendly

Contact Improvisation is a form of improvised dance that explores bodies in relation. Working with touch and weight sharing, this practice builds awareness of ones own materiality and the possibilities that emerge from meeting with others. This workshop will have a particular focus on listening and safely channeling force through/around the body. All levels of experience welcome.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga mat

In this vinyasa yoga practice we work with the breathe to move the body and clear the mind. As we transition through a series of asanas that open all directions of the kinesphere we make space for the mind/body to reorganise into balance. The flowing nature of the practice builds heat and stamina in the body. We then cool down and end with an intergrating meditation to cultivate inner peace.

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