Jenna Hellsten

Jenna radiates positivity and light and her calmness will also relax you. She will inspire you with her brave attitude towards life and with her interesting background. Jenna has been working with women now for over ten years. Women’s sexuality and body and period positivity are one of passions of this home birth midwife, who loves to empower women. She is also an expert in sexual health.

Orgasmic Woman


Are you ready to explore your womanhood and to learn how to get mind-blowing orgasms? There’s still so much shame, taboos and lack of information around female sexuality. In this journey you are going to learn everything you need to know about your own body in order to get more pleasure in your life. In this workshop we talk about the beauty of our sexuality in a safe and gentle atmosphere.

Yin & Yang – Healing Together

Yoga mat

Jenna Hellstén’s and Samuli Perälä’s workshop for women and men. The theme of the workshop is healing together. We’ll focus on the feminine and masculine principles of yin & yang. We’ll do exercises where you get to see, feel, and see these both sides in yourself as well as in another. As individuals and together. 💗

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