Johanna Hurme

Johanna got into the world of dance through music, which took her to Raves in the late 1990s.  She fell in love with the community and self-expression. Through the studies of different styles, dance and movement therapy and pedagogy, she deepened the idea of free expression. Through Phytotherapy and shamanistic path, she has developed My Body in the Circle which brings nature, herbs and dance together.



Me in Nature = Nature in Me you get to know your own relationship with nature through movement and plants and the effect of music in your own nature. Welcome to the research journey, where through the roots and the germination stage of the seed we can get to the surface of the earth to connect with other living things and dance in infinity. You will be part of the performance of the moment.



A shared space of free dance and movement, where you can descend, with the help of your senses, into a shared reality of the festival. Johanna (Hi7eHi7e) leads us on a musical journey to our own nature with the help of carefully chosen music selection and dance-movement methods. We dive into nature within ourselves through dance and bodily expression. The starting point is to explore how your own body moves and how it manifests experiences found in nature and how we can all create beauty and art around us through our own movement.

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