Jonna Monola

Jonna is a Sacred Feminine Guide and Yoga Teacher. Her work involves feminine embodiment, manifesting techniques, ceremonies and rituals, understanding chakras and moon cycles and how to working these energies can reflect and improve your life. Her souls purpose is to guide women back to their own healing wisdom, the ancient knowledge that is locked up within them.



Tap into your sacred feminine. heal any guilt, shame or energy blocks. Come more radiant, stronger and empowerd. This practice of movement, meditation, breathwork and rituals heals and nourishes the feminine and helps us to cultivate more self love, pleasure and confidence.



It´s time to step out of your limiting beliefs and begin to create a new story, where you are living a life of purpose and connection. This healing session combines Meditation, Shake and Release practices, Healing yoga and intuitive movement, Pranayama, Shamanic Breathwork, Shamanic drumming, Ceremony, and deep Spiritual Healing.

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