Kimmo Nurminen

I am a father of three children and my vocational training as a professional coach, but helping and healing others is taking the win. Mental work behind 10 years. Originally Luonnonvoimat ry teachings. It included Usuin holes, kundalini holes, crystal and angel course, etc. Lastly, Siddha Kundalini nurse course. Combining all of these, I have got a working package for my treatments 😇♥️

Siddha Kundalini

Strong, yoga mat, children friendly

The Crystal Healing in the main building is the same as Siddha Kundalini. The space features Siddha Kundalini treatments as well as free access at other times to enjoy the vibrations of the space. Treatments are available on Thursday evenings, Fri-Sat in the morning and afternoon, and on Sunday mornings. The treatments are free of charge.

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