Kirsti Kuosmanen

Kirsti is a vibrant, passionate tantra teacher who wants to inspire you to reclaim your power, creativity, freedom and love – your true authentic self. She is also an actress, psychotherapist, empowerment coach and author.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

An exquisite journey with a partner beginning with meeting through the eyes and continuing through, soft contact dance; awaking the kundalini energy and then receiving and being received in turn and culminating with the merging of godliness and beauty into ultimate truth. No movement, no sound.

Universal Heart Meditation

The Universal Heart Meditation is a very potent way to expand into infinite love. It was created by Sarita but originates from Mongolia, where it was created by nomadic Tantric adepts to bring about spiritual liberation for individuals, couples and, ultimately, the entire planet by helping you to reconnect to love and balance your yin and yang.

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