Kylli Kukk

Kylli Kukk is a physiotherapist, yogateacher and the owner of Joogakoulu Shanti. Kylli has over 25 years of experience working with yoga and She is a source of inspiration to many people. With joy and support Kylli guides us to freedom and empowers us to be our beautiful selves and flourish!

Zensual Yoga

Yoga mat

Kyllis yoga is gently strengthening, non-classical, fluidy and juicy mat flow. Feel joy and freedom of just being! We will strengthen our roots to Mother Earth and rise with the support of Divine guidance to fly with our strong wings.

Chakra Groove

Dance through the elements from the earth to the high skies. Music invites you to enjoy all the different frequencies of your chakras. Kyllis encouraging guidance will help you to express and enjoy yourself fully and naturally.

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