Lana Lavanina (LanaPrana) has studied Ayurveda, Yoga and Pranayama since 2001. She completed the Clinical Ayurveda and Dravyaguna curriculum in 2011. The application (treatments, oil making, churnas etc) she has studied with doctor Sunil Joshi in India. She has been an Ayurvedic consultant for 13 years. Lana also has been teaching pranayama and yoga for many years.



Ayurvedic tools to support your well-being and towards better self-knowledge. In Ayurveda, a strong digestive fire, or Agni, is the key to health. You will learn simple ways to strengthen it. Weak digestion causes a lot of problems and as a result, waste products are formed, which cause various problems/diseases. I also give instructions for stress relief.



Balance your hormones naturally with Ayurveda (yoga, pranayama, tantra, etc.). Hormonal problems & their origin. Typical symptoms. Natural treatment of hormonal imbalances. Different body types vata, pitta, Kapha menstruation. What are the causes of increased hormone problems. Stress is one factor that causes an imbalance in the nervous system and it affects hormone function.

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