Leigh Ewin


Leigh is a breathwork facilitator with years of experience training with the “who´s who” of modern day breathing philosophy. He specialises in creating emotional shifts, heart opening, connecting, deep healing, euphoric or trauma release experiences that combine different breathing techniques, rhythms and flows and utilising soul stirring music tracks.

Head to Heart Breathwork Experience

Strong, yoga mat, not for children

Use the breath to escape the mind and dive into the heart in this session. There is some magic that occurs when beautiful people simply surrender to the life force of the breath and let it be the guide. Be prepared to connect with other souls in this session whilst you float away with stirring digital music.

Ice Bath


Experience the healing powers of the cold. This session is a guided experience where you have a safe space to explore cold exposure with your tribe! There will be hints, tips and techniques so you will have as much comfort as possible…….but hey, lets face it, this is just as much about getting out of the comfort zone too! Dancing included 🙂

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