Luontoni Laulu

Heidi Inget is a musician, singer-songwriter, and sound-worker. She’s also known as a member of the Valona band. Mari Vuoritie is a singer, songwriter, and musical therapist from Oulu. She has over 20 years of singing experience with different bands and musicians. Songs of Gaia and Release your expression workshops were created from the collaboration of these two best friends.

Songs of Gaia – Nature Worship

Children friendly

Gaia songs are communal songs composed and written by Mari and Heidi dedicated to the different natural elements. Through singing, we show our love and healing for mother earth and celebrate the whole earth. We sing to nature and let nature sing through us. In the beginning of the circle we’ll take you on a sound journey.

Release Your Expression

Not for children

This workshop helps you connect to your voice and releases your authentic expression. We’ll do bodily and voice exercises through which we’ll find out own unique voice. We’ll relax to listen and explore our emotions and inner state. We’ll search for channels for what yearns to be expressed within us. We’ll get crazy, let loose, and lose ourselves in imagination.

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