Maria Kalmi & Henna Länsipää

Maria Kalmi is a photographer, interior design artist and intuitive coach whose mission in life is to encourage people to live the life of their dreams and realize the child-like joy and sense of adventure that springs from deep within.  Maria owns Tuulennousu, a temple of creativity in Finland, and Villa Mystico, an amazing house in the mountains of Italy. Henna Länsipää is a courageous implementer, transformative facilitator and intuitive magic maker. She is the CEO & Founder of the Natural High Healing Festival. Together they have created the amazing Healing Goddess concept!



No one is going to take the leap for you, it's time. After this epic ceremony, nothing will be the same. You walk out of the door full of joy. Gratitude. Laughter. You look at life like a movie. A movie where you are in the main role in full control. You sweet honey queen. A goddess who accepts everything she has experienced and turns it into her incredible power. It's time to love yourself unconditionally. To trust your own strength. A free woman is ready to step onto the stage of her own life. To shine and shine. You are the one you have been waiting for.

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