Martta Jemina

Over the last couple of years, Martta has already inspired thousands of Finns into the mystical world of meditation. She is a pioneer in modern guided meditation, the creator of 8D-meditations™ and the founder of the 8D-meditation app. She is known for being a spokesperson of the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and for organising mind-blowing workshops that explore consciousness.



Have you ever wondered at what point human consciousness begins? And when it ends? Or will it end? If you want to learn more about the scientific and spiritual aspects of consciousness and its different levels, then this workshop is for you. The workshop also includes a magical guided meditation experience!



You wouldn't believe this about meditation! In this workshop, you will get to know amazing meditation facts that will expand your consciousness. In addition, you will learn more about brain waves and how to optimize them in your everyday life. The workshop includes a magical guided meditation moment that you will definitely want to experience!

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