Maya Wuytack

Maya Wuytack is a poet, performer, director and somatic therapist. She creates poetry and dance productions and films. As an artist she explores the language of the senses and poetics of the speaking body. For her the alchemy of art is about touching and being touched, getting in deeper touch with who we are. It is a way to connect and embody our aliveness. To live and to love to the fullest.



Dive into the art of this powerful treatment, empowering your body, harmonizing your mind. Dynamic Flow Massage integrates techniques of Thai yoga massage, holistic pulsing and fascia flow. We learn the tricks of the trade to support the wellbeing and life energy flowing in the 9 Human Design centers. (We work with clothes on, on the floor.)



Maya guides us into a poetry ritual, unfolding between the sensing and the dreaming body. We become 'insiders' in the living landscape of imagination and words. We enter a collective group score of soulful gestures, subtle movement and whispers. Poetry echo’s into experiences of closeness with ourselves, each other and nature. We become a collective poem.

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