Michelle Karén


French and Finnish born, Michelle Karén has lived in 7 countries on 3 continents. She became an Astrologer at the age of 14, wrote 10 books on Astrology, Yoga, and Living Food Nutrition. Initiated by the Q’ero Master Shamans in Peru where she has been leading journeys since 2004. She founded the Llankay-Munay-Yachay School of Shamanic Studies. She lives in the US, Finland and France.



Whether from a malevolent person, television, advertisement, architecture, films etc… our modern life subjects more and more to the possibility of psychic attacks. How do they manifest? What are their targets? How can we protect ourselves? Michelle will offer simple tools that can be implemented in our everyday lives, to strengthen our energetic field and lead a peaceful life.



We spend at least 1/3rd of our lives sleeping. Our dreams are incredible sources of knowledge, information and power. In this very practical workshop, Michelle will explain the different types of dreams, how to prepare for sleep, induce dreams, keep a dream journal, understand our dreams and implement their messages in our daily lives.



Performed for over 500 years in the glaciers of Peru by the Q'ero Master Shamans, this beautiful, dynamic and powerful ceremony helps us come in right relationship with everything and everyone in our lives, bring all our dreams into manifestation, as well as pray for all aspects of life (the mountains, waters, animals, trees, plants, Earth, friendship, abundance, love, travels, money etc….).

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