Miiska Van Renterghem


Miiska Van Renterghem is a passionate Men’s Work facilitator, with a mission of inviting back healthy masculine power in men. He creates a brotherly space, where one gets to sharpen the full spectrum of his manhood - from healthy aggression to the capacity to sensitivity towards self & others. Miiska holds vast experience in facilitation work as well as overcoming challenges related to being a man.



This workshop is an opportunity to encounter deep parts of yourself as a man. Your raw aggression is welcomed here. So are your vulnerability, your sadness, your tears, anger, and your power - the brotherhood welcomes you with everything that you are. If you experience shame or confusion related to your masculinity and if you’re tired of dimming down your power in life - this workshop is for you. This workshop is for men.



The #metoo movement and feminism have both played an important role in furthering equality and women’s rights. Yet as ‘collateral damage’ millions of amazing men feel shame and guilt of their masculine sexuality - struggling to initiate with women, or lead in their relationships. This lecture provides peer support from brothers and tools for more confident, authentic self-expression with women. This workshop is for men.

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