Minna Aalto


Body. Mind. Emotions. Spirit. These are the realms that keep fascinating Minna Aalto, licensed Nia™ Teacher and general inspirator. Minna has been guiding movers of all sizes and shapes in both choreographed and free movement exploration since 2005. A keyword for both her classes, workshops, personality and outlook on life is playfulness. Being alive is the magic!

Nia™: The Power of Choice

How consciously do you make choices – on or off the dancefloor? How often do you let deep joy and pleasure guide you? In this workshop we explore the power of choice through guided, body-centered movement and our senses. Nia™ is an energizing fusion of dance, martial and healing arts. Every body welcome – all you need is curiosity, and a desire to move individually together.

Nia™: Morning Class

Awaken your senses on the dance floor. Nia™gently prepares you for another festival day: it softens muscles and joints and clears the mind. The class experience fits both early birds and those of us who wake up more slowly. You are welcome to stay for a song or two – or the entire class! Every body welcome.

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