Monse Villarroel

Passionate and inspiring pedagogical dance teacher that wants people to fall in love with their own body movement and expression. With years of experience as a dance teacher and dancer she has gathered experience and information that she wants to share with her students. By introducing the power of twerking, Monse will help you release blockages and energies that are stuck in our pelvic/hips area.



Let's build a better connection and understanding with our hips and pelvic area. In this workshop, you will also learn to find your own body language of movement and musicality using your lower body. No previous experience is required, you can come as you are.



No previous experience needed. This workshop gives you the freedom to move your hips your own way with some extra tools given by the instructor. Everyone has the chance to improvise with the music and let loose. The instructor will lead the class with energy and clarity. You just need to give yourself to the dance. Let's sweat!

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