Niina Nalli & Virpi Makkonen

Person to person is Virpi and Niina's way of being and meeting others, both in their free time and at work. They feel it is important to be what they teach, also in everyday life. As fellow travelers with others, they learn about themselves and other mirrors at the same time. Niina and Virpi see themselves and people both incomplete and whole at the same time.



Sexuality in me -workshop, we are at the edge of our own sexuality and how it can manifest in different ways. Let's happily say yes to our sexuality! You get to meet yourself and others in a safe and intimate space. In the workshop, presence and rendezvous exercises are done alone, with a pair and in a group. The workshop does not include nudity.



Intimate touch unfolds through a private and safe connection. We delve into other bodies out of impersonal love, respecting and appreciating without a goal and without expectations. The workshop is suitable for couples.

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