Nina Rintala

Nina Rintala is a teacher, a performer and a poet. She is inspired by nature and wants to write love letters to the Sea and to the Forest. She organizes Runojamit-Poetry Stage evenings and has published four Poetry Collections. Her latest book Merenalaiset hulmuavat osat (Basam Books) was published in March 2023.



Beginners and experienced poets welcome! Join us for this workshop of intuitive writing practices and create your own texts and poems. Open your heart and listen to your stories. Looking for your own voice? Open Mic tips for the Poetry Stage / Runolava. Bring your own notes. You can bring a yoga mat or some seat, but it’s not necessary.



Bring your own poems/songs. Our heart and the Mic is open for everybody on the Poetry Stage. Let's share poems together in a safe and positive atmosphere. We start with the Poetry Performance Hulmuava and then It´s your time to shine! You can bring a yoga mat or some seat for sitting, but not necessary.

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