Orpheus B


A Master, Mentor and Medicine man working with tools from East to West and being in the Masters field of powerful healers and Shamans in the last 25 years. A father, a community leader, influencer, shaman, Pirate and more. To get to know me better, come to meet.



The Journey starts with an ecstatic shamanic dance to release tension and connect to your animalistic soul. Orpheus then guides you to Astral dimensions to meet your Spirit animal, connect and communicate with them and enjoy a ride to the Multiverse. Orpheus brings his ancient Shamanic soul to natural release DMT from the Pineal gland. The ceremony is accompanied by live music. Bring eye cover, and also a yoga mat or pillow to lie on.


(KIDS Friendly) [EN]

A Dance journey of energetic movements, combining Tai chi and Qigong, dance & breathing that brings the body into pure release. Combining movements from martial arts, dances and freestyle, to allow the Chi to flow. Gentle yet stormy, graceful yet powerful. Intuitive and free flowing. Orpheus holds a safe container that lifts the group into higher vibration and Love frequency.

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