Paula Wihuri

Paula Wihuri is an artist, art teacher and art therapist. She creates paintings, graphics, illustrations and artisanal works such as Crowns of Empowerment, as well as Goddess Intuition paintings for women. She teaches on various visual art courses. Paula is inspired by the mysteries of life, diverse manifestations of creativity, and the Nature itself.



Join us to learn about Mandalas, and to create your very own fabulous meditative Mandala! The workshop illuminates the fascinating topic of Mandalas and creatively guides you to make one for yourself, textured with symbols and colors that have personal significance to you. Such a Mandala serves as a support for meditation.



Join us in creating a powerful mandala called "The Heart of Pohjola". Via this mandala, we will together strengthen the light of Pohjola. With our guidance, the Mandala will be made of different kinds of natural materials. After the workshop, The Heart of Pohjola artwork will remain at the festival area as a source of power to inspire other visitors.

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