Petri Berndtson

Petri Berndtson (PhD) is a philosopher who loves the wisdom of the breath. He is the inventor of Philosophical Breathwork, combining the living experience of breathing with philosophy. Since 2006 Petri has given lectures and workshops on philosophy of breathing at numerous academic and non-academic conferences and events.



In this workshop, we combine fun, laughter, breathing and meditation. Traditional meditative practice of mindfulness of breathing is often understood as a very serious spiritual practice. We will explore experientially what happens if we fulfill this serious spiritual practice of meditation with fun, laughter and playfulness. Let's meditate with a smile!



Respiratory Revolution is a highly experiential deep dive into the world of breath created by Leigh Ewin and Petri Berndtson. In the workshop, we question all the normal rules of breathwork methods and explore a path toward the freedom of the breath. The main experiential question of the workshop is how could the breath revolutionize our lives.

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