Petri Berndtson

Petri Berndtson (PhD) is a philosopher who loves the wisdom of the breath. He is the inventor of Philosophical Breathwork, combining the living experience of breathing with philosophy. Since 2006 Petri has given lectures and workshops on philosophy of breathing at numerous academic and non-academic conferences and events.

Philosophy of Breathing

Children friendly

In this workshop/lecture I introduce a new experiential and creative concept of breathing. We will examine the experience of breathing with the help of philosophy and breathing practices. We will experientially investigate what could mean the love of wisdom of the breath.

Depth-adventure Into the Invisible World

Children friendly

In this workshop we will be experientially exploring what happens, when we close our eyes and begin to adventure in the invisible world. What happens to our self-image, sense of direction, sensory sensitivity, sociality, etc.? The workshop is an exciting and joyous adventure into the depths and mysteries of our invisible realities. The breath will be our guide in this adventure.

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