Pragita and Sudeva

After academic life we have been walking on the way of the Deep Breathing, Tantra, Music and Meditation over 30 years inspired by indian mystic Osho. We have been living 25 years familylife and relationship school with each other. We have been running DeepBreathing- and TantraCourses already more than 20 years. We are also running an Elontuli -course center ( with amazing program.

Deep Breathing

Strong, yoga mat, not for children

This workshop is all about Liberating Dance and Deep Breathing. Deep Breathing will help our body to feel more and we can enjoy ourselves. By letting go of the control we can find incredible freedom. Forget your mind for a while and bring your body to feel a sensitive moment that is full of life with us.

Tantra for Singles

Yoga mat, not for children

The basic idea in Tantra is to say yes to our body, yes to our feelings, yes to love and life. The way of Tantra is the way of surrender and acceptance. We will meet ourselves and each other deeply and sensitively. Together we create a space full of trust and openness. It is time to celebrate this moment, a wonder of life!

Tantra for Couples

Yoga mat, not for children

This workshop has been created to bring more joy, pleasure and deeper connection into the relationship – not to forget the playfulness. We are creating a loving and supporting atmosphere, where couples can relax and find a new way of connecting. Tantric vision can give us new understanding, pleasure and approval to our daily life and to our relationships.

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