Rouven Schneider

Rouven is a relationship & intimacy artist. He is bringing trauma-sensitivity and bodywork-approaches into the field of relational work, investigating the correlation of the nervous system, needs, trauma, behavioral patterns & upbringing in relationships & partnerships. Rouven is deeply committed following his nomad heart combining Love with integrity.



Wondering how to deeply connect and relate from your truth without losing yourself in the other? In relationships we tend to neglect our needs or prevent development to create stability and safety. This space will show you approaches and give you experiences to connect love with integrity. Learn what it takes to really connect from your truth without losing yourself. (Workshop us for all but couples are highly welcomed!)



How can I truly meet you while honoring the ever changing impulses in me? This is a place to experience and play with different kinds of connection - first and foremost with yourself. You will experience your boundaries and openness through tauma-aware intersocial practices. We will slow way down and find the individual meeting point where all of our nervous systems feel safe. And then play!

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