Saara Kantanen

Saara Kantanen is a shibari binder and teacher. For Saara, Shibari has become a way of life and an object of passion. She organizes courses for people all over Finland: self-binding for women, weekend courses for couples, she also binds privately as treatment. Shibari is a form of performance art, this year it participates in several products at home and abroad in the role of the binder and the bound.



In the Shibari workshop we get to know the ropes gently, we will tie ourselves. We practice basic techniques together. You can come to the course without any previous experience and exactly as you are. We will create an open-minded atmosphere and have fun. Could I feel safe in ropes?



In the Shibari workshop, we get to know the ropes safely. Come with your love or dear friend. Tying can heal, remove locks, it intensify the senses. You can come to the workshop out of curiosity and to practice communication. Roles can be clear; one wants to tie and take responsibility, the other wants to lose control. You can try both roles. No previous experience needed.

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