Samuli Perälä & Juho Lyytikäinen

Samuli has a 20-years background in wrestling. He stopped his competitive career in 2008 and after that he has worked as a coach. Juho started wrestling when he was 6-years old. He leads this mud wrestling workshop with long and very strong experience. Samuli and Juho bring this new concept to the Natural High festival. In this workshop you will experience a combination of physical exercise, body connection with others, playful competition and of course the magic of crawling in the mud.



In this workshop we'll take you on a journey to the inspirational world of mud wrestling. We'll learn the basics of traditional wrestling and at the same time we'll experience natural contact with each other. Together combination of these two, wrestling and mud will give you a stronger connection to your body and to mother earth. If you need exercise, joy and play with others, this workshop is for you.

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