Samuli Perälä

Samuli Perälä, Instructor of Personal Spiritual growth & Healer. Samuli is a former professional athlete and coach who, after his sport career, has traveled a long journey in the path of spirituality and heart awareness. He has guided many people to find deeper connection to their own being on the soul level and through that the most important, connection with God and The Holy Spirit.



Healing Heart Meditation is a calming and healing workshop. In this workshop you can really let go, relax and receive this beautiful healing energy. There will be guided meditation and relaxing, beautiful music which both help you to get a meditative state. Meditation can be strong and deep so be sure that you have a peaceful time for yourself after the meditation.


(KIDS Friendly) [FI]

In this workshop we are going to dive deep to the concept of Returning to Home. What is this journey and what does it really mean? To return home. To make this journey.  This is one of the biggest questions of our time. This is the task and the adventure. But is it an inner journey or outer journey? Or both?  Come to listen and experience it for yourself.

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