Sara Adolfsen

Sara is a trauma informed Somatic Educator for Women. Her passion is empowerment & liberation through the body. Through her own past disconnection, she's now supporting women to connect intimately with themselves, their body & their deep felt wisdom. The intention of her work is to support you to feel more at home & safe in your body. She believes embodiment is key, for a full blooming life.



A somatic exploration of body shame. Let's explore and learn in a safe container, through your own breath, touch, sound and movement, how to cultivate a more loving relationship with self and the body. What is shame? Who's shame am I carrying? Where in my body do I still carry shame? How does body shame restrict my life? Who would I be without it? I welcome you, as you are.



Let’s explore the ancient practice of connecting with and honoring the feminine energy. Release shame and guilt, tap into your sensual power and create a deeper connection with your body. Through breath, touch, sound and movement, we’ll explore techniques to awaken our feminine, expand self-love and the potential for pleasure. This is an opportunity to celebrate your divine feminine essence.

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