Sauna-Akka is the traditional sauna healer Laura Foon. Laura works to revive the ancient Balto-Finnic sauna rituals and healing culture by hosting sauna ceremonies and performing sauna healing based on the mythological wisdom of the Baltic Sea Finns. Laura offers you a chance to harmonize yourself with the basic elements of life and to drop all your worries and aches and to heal with your true self.



Women’s guided sauna ritual is all about sisterhood and motherly care. Caring, sharing, singing ancient saunarunes and expressing freely from the depths of your divine self. Women’s sauna is a sacred space to heal your femininity. Women’s sauna builds up slowly, like a woman does. Connect to womanhood beyond space and time in the womb of sauna the ultimate symbol of female power.



Summer is considered as the season of blossom and the fire of life is burning strong. In the Lemmensauna-sauna ritual you will be guided through spells and ceremonial whisking by a sauna healer to enhance your love and passion for life. Lempi can be translated as love but also as fire that is the sign and precondition of life in a living being. Come to the sauna and let your love of life burn bright.

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