Seppo Laaksonen

A shaman of love, Everything is here and now. I live in love, joy and confidence without an opponent. I will stay in balance because everything is fine, even though the mind tries to tell otherwise. But I’m nyt my mind. I am soul and spirit, pure energy. My worldview is based on an open heart and intuition and intent, as well as recognizing and accepting these. I love you all.

The Power of Balanced Presence


All you need is balance in presence. Then you can be open in love.
That’s my life… Love in balance without enemy. Love is freedom.

Power of Love


All you need is love. Love is everything. Love is freedom. We can always love. Love is more than feeling… Love in energy and it gives to us happiness. There is only love and fear. There is nothing else. We can choose which one wins. Winner takas it all. Love allways wins, if we let it win…

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