Sini Koskelainen

Sini Koskelainen is a vocal artist who’s inspired of earthy and experimental use of the voice, connection to nature, birds, beats, film music, folk music and meditative soundscapes. She works as a singer, composer and vocal coach. Koskelainen has performed in 20 different countries with her EMMA-award-winning band Tuuletar and her composition Alku has been used in the series Game of Thrones.

Ethno Voice Workshop

Children friendly

In this workshop you get to sing rooted and atmospheric songs e.g. from the Nordic countries and the Balkans and experience the uplifting power of group singing! The songs are in 1-2 voices and taught by ear. Songs lyrics are given in paper form on site. One Bulgarian circle dance is also taught in the workshop! Welcome to be inspired by the human voice and different musical traditions!

Ancient Herdingcall Workshop

Children friendly

A ricochet for the magical Scandinavian Kulning herding call tradition, which combines holistic use of the voice and an inner wild woman. Kulning is a medieval women’s singing tradition traced back to the Middle Ages, which has served as a means of communication between cattle and shepherds. The workshop is targeted at women for pitch reasons. Welcome to the roots of your own potency!

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