Sini Koskelainen

Sini Koskelainen is a singer, composer and vocal coach specializing in rooted and cinematic a cappella music. She’s known for her EMMA award-winning band Tuuletar. Koskelainen leads workshops Vocal Effects, Ethno Voice, Kulning herding call and Rise My Nature Singing Circle. Her composition 'Alku' has been sold, for example, in the trailer for the 7th season of Game of Thrones.


(KIDS Friendly) [FI/EN]

A journey into the magical Scandinavian herding call tradition called ‘Kulning’ which essence is primal vocal expression and communication! It traces back to the Middle Ages, originating in pastoral culture among women. Kulning consists of short nasal calls and melodic high-pitched calls. It was originally used to call cattle home from pasture, but today it’s also a unique music style of its own.

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