Siri Vedya & Ari Marjamäki

Siri Vedya and Ari Marjamäki are a conscious couple united by their love for yoga and healing work. Siri Vedya is a Kundalini Yoga and Shakti Dance® teacher, trainer and healer from Helsinki. Ari is a Kundalini and Yin Yoga teacher, as well as a gong sound relaxation facilitator from Tampere. Together they teach yoga, hold retreats and organize events and trainings all over Finland.



In this restorative and meditative workshop, you can enjoy a unique combination of Shakti Flow Yoga and calming Yin Yoga. In Shakti Flow we do gentle, flowing asanas with conscious breathing, awakening the physical and energy bodies. After that, we stay in the long Yin Yoga stretches, enjoying the relaxation of the muscles and the quieting of the mind. Not suitable for pregnant women.



A powerful 2.5-hour morning practice from the Kundalini Yoga tradition. It consists of three parts: reciting the sacred Sikh poem Japji (about half an hour), a physical kundalini yoga exercise set and relaxation (one hour in total) followed by mantra meditation (one hour). You are warmly welcome to purify mind, body and spirit and experience the beautiful atmosphere of morning sadhana!

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